simon and stacy

I was recently asked to travel to South Australia to shoot a wedding. Once again, I stepped into peoples lives for a day, wondering around documenting what I saw and taking just a little time out to make a few posed pics, which I still love to do. My job is a privilege.
So, Simon married his Stacy at the Parri Estate Wines nestled deep in the heart of the McLaren Vale. It was a beautiful day to photograph. Here are just a few pictures….and too bad Mr Buble… she’s taken!
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Pierre and Ginea

Blog0081Yesterday, Pierre married Ginea. It was the second time around for them both. Joined by their family, friends and the beautiful Australian sunshine they tied the knot at the Vines Resort in Western Australia. So, congratulations to one of the nicest couples I have met…. and thank you for letting me be part of your special day! It all started in room 110….
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joondalup festival 2014


For the past 15 years I have watched the Joondalup Festival grow into, what is now not only a fun packed day for all the family but quite a sophisticated weekend event with world class acts entertaining the Joondlaup and beyond community for FREE.

I have watched as a parent when my boys have been involved in school parades, I have taken our overseas visitors and for the past 3 years I have watched through my lens being the official photographer shooting the Urban Couture part of the Joondalup Festival… the fashion extravaganza.

This year I wasn’t asked to be part of the whole event  but I was asked to shoot the  beautiful work of Dream State Circus.   In doing so, I  again, got to see much more of the festival that I wouldn’t have usually seen and to make some pictures just for me.  Also, I was able to watch some of the Urban Couture with my now Uni fashion student son.

The festival runs over two days and represents the finale of the end of another hot and sticky summer in Perth and Joondlaup Council’s summer events program.  With a hint of vintage which included  old car displays, swing dance, circus, jazz, fashion, lots of live  bands, craft stalls, food, projections and after dark entertainment there was definitely something for everyone.  Together with the wonderful roving entertainment you can sit in one spot, relax and let the festival come to you!

Day 1 unfortunately saw some very heavy rain indeed and around 6pm the whole festival was cancelled.  Its not often a festival is cancelled in Perth due to the rain. Not being use to such happenings in WA, suddenly being very  wet and very cold  made everyone dash  for cover, their cars and the warmth of home…. including us!

The highlight for me was the Saturday night cabaret which included a circus company from Belgium 15ft6.  IT never ceases to amazes me how incredibly talented some people are and that from time to time I get to record that on my humble little camera.

This will be my last festival for a while as I’m heading to the UK later this year but thanks for the memories Joondalup… its been a blast!

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cottesloe 2014

Sculptures by the sea is one those events in Perth that every man, woman and his camera visits…giving me the impression that art is pretty popular here in Perth but still a lack of.

Young, old, those in-between, tourists,  and locals all point their DSLR’s at something beautiful, unusual, unexplainable (until you read the artist statement) but definitely enjoyable. Its probably best if you are half serious about your photography that you go with the early morning or late afternoon light so you can create some beautiful silhouettes or just catch the light hitting one of the exhibits at just at the right moment.  It can make a huge difference.

I, however went in the midday sun! I feel its more of a challenge.

I’m not there to create a piece of my own art from someone else’s. I’m there to see the art, read about the art, to record what I see and maybe make one or two of my “own” images in-between the exhibits. I prefer exhibits when people are around. Its great to see how people react and I love listening into conversations. Yesterday I heard “umm art is very subjective isn’t, a lot.

On the whole  I really enjoyed the exhibition this year and the definite talking point was the 15ft silver goon bag. Now if you are not sure what a goon back is… its the bag inside a box of cheap wine, and more often than not will give the consumer an extreme headache the next day.

If you would like to read more about the exhibition and the artists go to the website here

This exhibit was surrounded by plastic otherwise this little girl would have touched it all!

If we stand here long enough they will think we are part of the exhibition and sit down next to us with chips.

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recent travels

On my recent visit to spend Christmas with  my man in Kent as usual we nipped to London…  The sun shone as we walked around Kensington, and the winter wonderland in Hyde Park, watched the ice skaters slipping and sliding at the tower, passed by a peaceful protest, travelled on big red buses, drank beer in old pubs, and hot chocolate in Starbucks.  Popped into the photographer’s gallery and even spotted a celebrity!

When my youngest son arrived having taken his first international flight alone we spent New Years day  in London again,  watching the New Years parade and taking in the  Camden markets.  It threw it down all day. But it did not dampen our spirits …taking shelter from time to time by  dashing into cosy cafes for coffee to warm our hands whilst we savoured the drink.

A week or so later, again in London….. I just cannot get enough of the place…. I took my son to see”American Psycho” starring the incredible Matt Smith.  He, my son  had read the  novel by Bret Easton Ellis and was excited to experience his first London play, and  intrigued to see how American Psycho became American psycho the musical…!!! But  he wasn’t disappointed…and neither was I.  We  chatted about it afterwards for days.

Did you know that most of the theatres in London sell “on the day tickets” for a fraction of the price.  Draw back being you have to get up very early!  But I saw it as part of the experience.  We arrived at the Almeida Theatre at 6am one Wednesday morning and already a queue!  Doors opened at 11… in the mean time you pop up the umbrella,  chat to the other mad crazy fans lined up from all over the world and drink lots of coffee!  We were lucky enough to get seats and for only 10 pounds each!!

Then my eldest son flew in from Boston and guess what we did…. yep we had another day in London….. did I mention I love the place. We again strolled through Kensington to the  The Victoria and Albert museum to see the the fashion throughout the 80′s exhibition (my eldest son is studying art and fashion at uni).  I  cringed at the thought of some of the things we wore back then.  I also managed to see one  of my photography hero’s, Richard Young’s work, at his gallery. I was even given his book!!  Then we went off to Notting Hill (Alas, I didn’t see Hugh Grant or Julia Roberts) and strolled through the  Portobello markets and then back on the tube for dinner in Leicester Square.

I saw a lot more of my soon to be new home town of Maidstone too this time. What a pretty place it is….orchards, country pubs, rivers (most over flowing at the time), deer, castles and even a pantomime… oh yes I did!

We also discovered the beautiful city of Canterbury, the quaint seaside town of Hastings and I took Graham to see my home town of Manchester…to meet my best friends where  local beers were tested, approved and noted for next time.

I did manage to see Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts on the plane home!!  No not in economy class but on the screen… not the best choice of film when I had just left the man I love behind again… but not for long now!!

As per most of my travel blogs (not that I have travelled too far yet) I cannot walk past a window, or  door without stopping everyone in their tracks  and pointing my lens and of course they always feature the men in my life and usually a tardis.

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mr and mrs light

Another glorious day in Perth and one more happy couple tie the knot.   I have known Celeste for some year now.  I have had the pleasure of photographing her on lots of different occasions so I was very honoured and proud when she asked me to photograph her very special big day.  I knew she would make an absolutely beautiful bride… and she did.

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Light… all my best wishes for your future together and may all your troubles be “little ones” ;-)

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documentary wedding photographer – thats me

I have questioned my style of photography over the last year or so, particularly when I shoot a wedding. I have looked at all the beautiful new blogs around (some of which I have had worked featured on) and other wedding photographer’s work and then for a few moments I think should I concentrate more on the detail, on the portrait, that I should get “quirky” or even go vintage which seems to be the “in thing”. All of which I love for different reasons but its just not me. I am a documentary wedding photography. I love to capture a moment, a fleeting moment in time… once there and then gone. I like to photograph the reality and truth in a wedding. Documentary photography is not about staging moments. If you have to ask well its just not a moment. As beautiful as the dress, rings and hands are those are cliché’s often taken at weddings… details of the day.
Having said that I do take detail pictures but I do not dwell on them. I feel its important that if the bride has gone to 20 florists before she has chosen her bouquet for the day then she needs to look back and remember how beautiful it looked in her hands and on the table and if the groom is wearing his fathers watch then again it is important to record. And when I do stage shots at each location I try to make them as natural as I can.
But I just cant get away from those “moments”. The moment when dad sees his little girl for the first time in her beautiful dress, and the moment when her almost new husband lays eyes on her as she walks down the aisle, loved ones reactions, moments when things don’t go to plan and the veil gets stuck, the laughter, the joy, the tears and the fun and the first dance as Mr and Mrs.

So I am back on track and I will be seeking out more and more wonderful moments at the wedding I will be shooting this year because…..
I truly believe that in 1, 2, 5, 10 or 20 years time when you look at your wedding pictures again or when you dust the one you had framed it will be you, your family, your friends, their expressions and emotion that will take you back to how you felt on one of the the most wonderful days of your life…..

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