Morgan and Bec


It started at Tiffany’s in Perth, Western Australia and ended not too far away at the Secret Garden Cafe with a delicious coffee.  There are so many little gorgeous nooks and crannies if you just wander away from the high streets in Perth.  Take the time to look around the corner and you just might discover something wonderful.

I am now very much looking forward to shooting this lovely couples wedding in November  at the stylish Sandleford Winery in the heart of the Swan Valley, Perth.


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blake and kym

I recently had a wander with Blake, Kym and my camera around one of my favourite spots in Perth…… Guildford, which is rich in WA history and the gateway into the delightful wine region “The Swan Valley”.

I am now looking forward to taking lots more pictures at their wedding in November at the Watershed Winery in Margaret River another delightful wine region. … WA is full of them!

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the Hundred-Foot Journey



“Food creates memories” … well it certainly created a lovely memory that will stick with me for some time to come… Three special  friends, a couple of ice creams, plenty of oos’ and arr’s, maybe a tear or two, certainly a laugh or three,  followed by the best chips I have tasted in Perth at the London Cafe, Currambine and of course swilled down with  delicious creamy hot chocolates….the perfect recipe for a cold, wintry Friday night in Perth.

The Hundred Foot Journey is Steven Speilberg’s and Oprah Winfrey’s new film   based on a novel by Richard C Morais  and directed by Lasse Hallstron.  I haven’t read the book but I intend to now.

In the film the family of talented cook, Hassan Kadam are fleeing from political violence in India that destroyed the family restaurant and killed their mother. The Kadams after a short stint in London living under the flight path of Heathrow eventually settle in the most quaint, village somewhere in France.  The journey then begins, restaurant rivalry between India and France.

Everyone involved gives an inspired performance. Helen Miram’s character Madame Mallaroy is a definite force to be reckoned with, happy sabotaging the Kadam’s family restaurant , filing complaints, buying all food stocks from the local market but stops in her tracks when one of her employees commits a racist act of violence against the Kadams.  This sub plot isn’t really developed instead taking a more “get out of my restaurant and never return” attitude followed by the softening of her heart towards the Kadams especially towards Om Puri who plays Papa.  The pair share a lovely on screen chemistry.

Its a memorable picturesque, charming  romantic fable with some very funny moments, moments of contemplation and wonderful shots of the French Countryside and Paris. It is reliant on racial stereotypes albeit affectionately portrayed. The light throughout the film is exquisite.  It just makes you feel good attacking all the senses connecting the head, heart and stomach!

Yep, this deserves a Michelin Star and I  now want to become a food photographer, and  learn how to make an omelette.


5 reasons to book a professional photographer


So you want the perfect day. The perfect venue, perfect dress, perfect flowers, yummy looking cake, stylish invitations, transport, music etc….

….. The list goes on, as I’m sure you are aware, if you are, or have recently planned your wedding.

At the top of your list should be the photographer simply because at the end of the day apart from the wonderful memories inside your head and dress hanging in the wardrobe it is the pictures that will last forever…treasured memories for you to share with family and friends old and new  for the rest of your life.

If you are undecided as whether or not to book a photographer… I mean, I’m sure its crossed you mind that you could ask your friends mate who is still at college or you Uncle…. he takes such beautiful landscapes pictures and has a really good camera or indeed an amateur who has another full time job in the week, then here are 5 simple reasons to help you….

  1. A qualified and experienced wedding photographer will know how to tell a narrative through pictures. They will make a record of your day… taking you back to that day for years to come or for those who couldn’t make the wedding giving them the feeling that they were there with you.
  2. An experienced and qualified photographer knows were to stand, what to look out for. He or she will be waiting for those moments and also on the ball for those impromptu moments as the they happen as well. Weddings are fast paced and full of emotion, changes do happen at the last minute and a professional wedding photographer will take it all in their stride.
  3. They will evaluate the location before the wedding day. Checking out the light and locations to get the best possible results for you.
  4. They will  have a really good camera and lenses .    They will have public liability insurance and a back up plan should they become unavailable to shoot your wedding.  They should ask you to sign a professionally “drawn up” contract which protects both parties.
  5. A professionally booked photographer will be reliable. They have invested time and money into their profession. Their reputation is at stake at every wedding. The service they offer must be excellent from the initial meeting to the delivery of your disc of memories.

Finally, it doesn’t always matter how long they have been shooting weddings if the work is  good and appeals to you  but there is no harm in asking.   Make sure you feel comfortable with them, after all they will spend most of the day with you.  Ask to see reviews from past brides and always ask why they like to shoot weddings.

My answer to that is:

I love to shoot weddings because every wedding is different. I have not been to one boring wedding yet. I love the whole day. I love to watch and capture memories from the moment dad sees his little girl for the first time in her dress,  or mum looking so proud at her boy, and everything in-between until the first dance between two people in love…  It just a lovely day and an honour to be involved in.  I love to create pictures for people that I know they will treasure forever….

Have I said LOVE enough….. well it is a day filed with love and lovely things.

simon and stacy

I was recently asked to travel to South Australia to shoot a wedding. Once again, I stepped into peoples lives for a day, wondering around documenting what I saw and taking just a little time out to make a few posed pics, which I still love to do. My job is a privilege.
So, Simon married his Stacy at the Parri Estate Wines nestled deep in the heart of the McLaren Vale. It was a beautiful day to photograph. Here are just a few pictures….and too bad Mr Buble… she’s taken!
Stacy and Simon blog0001 Stacy and Simon blog0002 Stacy and Simon blog0003 Stacy and Simon blog0012 Stacy and Simon blog0011 Stacy and Simon blog0010 Stacy and Simon blog0009 Stacy and Simon blog0008 Stacy and Simon blog0007 Stacy and Simon blog0006 Stacy and Simon blog0005 Stacy and Simon blog0004 Stacy and Simon blog0014 Stacy and Simon blog0015 Stacy and Simon blog0013 Stacy and Simon blog0025 Stacy and Simon blog0024 Stacy and Simon blog0023 Stacy and Simon blog0022 Stacy and Simon blog0016 Stacy and Simon blog0017 Stacy and Simon blog0018 Stacy and Simon blog0019 Stacy and Simon blog0020 Stacy and Simon blog0021 Stacy and Simon blog0034 Stacy and Simon blog0033 Stacy and Simon blog0032 Stacy and Simon blog0031 Stacy and Simon blog0030 Stacy and Simon blog0026 Stacy and Simon blog0029 Stacy and Simon blog0028 Stacy and Simon blog0027 Stacy and Simon blog0035 Stacy and Simon blog0037 Stacy and Simon blog0036 Stacy and Simon blog0038 Stacy and Simon blog0039 Stacy and Simon blog0041 Stacy and Simon blog0042 Stacy and Simon blog0040 Stacy and Simon blog0044 Stacy and Simon blog0049 Stacy and Simon blog0051 Stacy and Simon blog0043 Stacy and Simon blog0052 Stacy and Simon blog0050 Stacy and Simon blog0048 Stacy and Simon blog0046 Stacy and Simon blog0047 Stacy and Simon blog0045 Stacy and Simon blog0053 Stacy and Simon blog0055 Stacy and Simon blog0054 Stacy and Simon blog0056 Stacy and Simon blog0057 Stacy and Simon blog0058 Stacy and Simon blog0059

Pierre and Ginea

Blog0081Yesterday, Pierre married Ginea. It was the second time around for them both. Joined by their family, friends and the beautiful Australian sunshine they tied the knot at the Vines Resort in Western Australia. So, congratulations to one of the nicest couples I have met…. and thank you for letting me be part of your special day! It all started in room 110….
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recent travels

On my recent visit to spend Christmas with  my man in Kent as usual we nipped to London…  The sun shone as we walked around Kensington, and the winter wonderland in Hyde Park, watched the ice skaters slipping and sliding at the tower, passed by a peaceful protest, travelled on big red buses, drank beer in old pubs, and hot chocolate in Starbucks.  Popped into the photographer’s gallery and even spotted a celebrity!

When my youngest son arrived having taken his first international flight alone we spent New Years day  in London again,  watching the New Years parade and taking in the  Camden markets.  It threw it down all day. But it did not dampen our spirits …taking shelter from time to time by  dashing into cosy cafes for coffee to warm our hands whilst we savoured the drink.

A week or so later, again in London….. I just cannot get enough of the place…. I took my son to see”American Psycho” starring the incredible Matt Smith.  He, my son  had read the  novel by Bret Easton Ellis and was excited to experience his first London play, and  intrigued to see how American Psycho became American psycho the musical…!!! But  he wasn’t disappointed…and neither was I.  We  chatted about it afterwards for days.

Did you know that most of the theatres in London sell “on the day tickets” for a fraction of the price.  Draw back being you have to get up very early!  But I saw it as part of the experience.  We arrived at the Almeida Theatre at 6am one Wednesday morning and already a queue!  Doors opened at 11… in the mean time you pop up the umbrella,  chat to the other mad crazy fans lined up from all over the world and drink lots of coffee!  We were lucky enough to get seats and for only 10 pounds each!!

Then my eldest son flew in from Boston and guess what we did…. yep we had another day in London….. did I mention I love the place. We again strolled through Kensington to the  The Victoria and Albert museum to see the the fashion throughout the 80’s exhibition (my eldest son is studying art and fashion at uni).  I  cringed at the thought of some of the things we wore back then.  I also managed to see one  of my photography hero’s, Richard Young’s work, at his gallery. I was even given his book!!  Then we went off to Notting Hill (Alas, I didn’t see Hugh Grant or Julia Roberts) and strolled through the  Portobello markets and then back on the tube for dinner in Leicester Square.

I saw a lot more of my soon to be new home town of Maidstone too this time. What a pretty place it is….orchards, country pubs, rivers (most over flowing at the time), deer, castles and even a pantomime… oh yes I did!

We also discovered the beautiful city of Canterbury, the quaint seaside town of Hastings and I took Graham to see my home town of Manchester…to meet my best friends where  local beers were tested, approved and noted for next time.

I did manage to see Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts on the plane home!!  No not in economy class but on the screen… not the best choice of film when I had just left the man I love behind again… but not for long now!!

As per most of my travel blogs (not that I have travelled too far yet) I cannot walk past a window, or  door without stopping everyone in their tracks  and pointing my lens and of course they always feature the men in my life and usually a tardis.

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